Fancy Top English Words For Essay, Article Writing and Competitive Examination: Part 1

The words are selected from The HINDU and other English newspaper

1. Nebulochaotic : a state of being hazy and confused. (hazy means blurred or Indistinct ).

2. Monochopsis : the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place. (subtle means Difficult to detect or grasp by the mind or to analyse).

3. Desiderium : an ardent longing , as for something lost. (ardent means Characterized by intense emotion or strong enthusiasm).

4. Nubivagant : wandering in the clouds; moving through the air.

5. Stravage : to wander aimlessly.

6. Logophile : lover of words .

7. Alexithymia : inability to describe emotions verbally .

8. Abbiocco : the drowsiness experienced after eating a big meal.

9. Chatoyant : like a cats eye.

10. Demure : shy and reserved.

11. Talisman : a good luck charm

12. Riparian : by the bank of a stream

13. Jamais vu : not remembering something you always see.

14. Diaphanous : filmy.

15. Effervescence : bubbles in a liquid

16. Compathy : feelings either of happiness or grief , shared with another person.

17. Jayus : a joke so unfunny and poorly told that you can’t help but laugh.

18. Clinomania : excessive desire to stay in bed.

19. Basorexia : the overwhelming desire to kiss.

20. Raiment : garments or clothing.


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