Minimum time required to learn a new skill and Effective way to do it

40 hours of effort is enough to learn new skills.

40hour = (20min + 20min) daily * 30 days

5 basic rules :

1. Set target performance level: how much 2 learn , why to learn , how good 2 become are the preliminary question that we must ask ourselves.

2. Deconstruction of skill: divide the total learning into sub skills; which adds up to main full skill. 80% result is given by 20% work. So we must Do the most important sub skill first and the progressively move on.

Regularity is the key.

3. Research just enough: trial and error produce better quality and quantity . ACTION produce results , not simply research . So focus on Practice more and do just enough research . Don’t waste more than the time required for basic research , unless you want PHd degree on it.

4. Removing barriers : a. Remove all distraction for the time of work. b. Remove barriers means don’t let the work be tough to start with. Keep everything at hands distance. Don’t waste time to looks for the stuffs needed to learn the skill . Do it during the research phase.

5. Precommit 20 hours : ask is it important to learn. Only then start. Mentally prepare to invest 20 hours in it and commit yourself.

Always reward yourself for daily success.

Learn the skills before sleep (Night) to get maximum out of it.


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I am Mousam Choudhury. I did my Engineering in Electrical (BE) and Power System (ME) . Currently i am working as a Guest Lecturer in Electrical Department of Karimganj Polytechnic Attached at Silchar Polytechnic.

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