20 Fancy English words with meaning : Top 20 Part 1

Sharing 20 fancy words along with their definition.

The best way to learn and also remember the words is to try to use them in our normal conversation. So try to actively incorporate them the next time you have a conversation.

Now lets begin …


1. Nebulochaotic : a state of being hazy and confused. (hazy means blurred or Indistinct ).

2. Monochopsis : the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place. (subtle means Difficult to detect or grasp by the mind or to analyse).

3. Desiderium : an ardent longing , as for something lost. (ardent means Characterized by intense emotion or strong enthusiasm).

4. Nubivagant : wandering in the clouds; moving through the air.

5. Stravage : to wander aimlessly.

6. Logophile : lover of words .

7. Alexithymia : inability to describe emotions verbally .

8. Abbiocco : the drowsiness experienced after eating a big meal.

9. Chatoyant : like a cats eye.

10. Demure : shy and reserved.

11. Talisman : a good luck charm

12. Riparian : by the bank of a stream

13. Jamais vu : not remembering something you always see.

14. Diaphanous : filmy.

15. Effervescence : bubbles in a liquid

16. Compathy : feelings either of happiness or grief , shared with another person.

17. Jayus : a joke so unfunny and poorly told that you can’t help but laugh.

18. Clinomania : excessive desire to stay in bed.

19. Basorexia : the overwhelming desire to kiss.

20. Raiment : garments or clothing.

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Eagerly waiting to upload my next set of fancy 20 words with their meaning.