Wanna Sound Smart with 29 Words in 2018? Read the article

29 words to make you sound smart with advantages of having a great vocabulary

To Sound Smart, a good vocabulary is must and for that i Welcome you to this article on ” 29 words that will make you sound smarter with advantages of having a great vocabulary. “

Vocabulary is a matter of word-building as well as word-using. – David Crystal

Gratuitously (without any good reason) using an excess of large high sounding words doesn’t make anyone look intelligent or smart because it makes the listener difficult to understand the mind of the speaker. That being said its still important to have good command over vocabulary because of the following reasons:

  1. Ability to write better in Exams and in an article. With a good knowledge of smart words, one can pin down one’s idea affluently(flowing freely).
  2. Ability to read better. Unknown words become gaps in the text, stopping one from completely understanding the meaning. Good vocabulary bridge the gap.
  3. Ability to persuade one by presenting the argument clearly, logically and with proper well-chosen words and thus helping to express better and present your ideas eloquently(fluently). It boasts one’s confidence and cynosure (a person or thing that is the centre of attention or admiration.)

The Best way to have a good vocabulary to Read Daily as much as possible from standard newspaper and magazine and also by taking the help books made specifically to improve one’s vocabulary.

You can’t build up a vocabulary if you never meet any new words. And to meet them you must read. The more you read the better. – Rudolf Flesch and Abraham Lass

Let the list of 29 words begin

1.Clandestine: secret.

2.Diligent: showing care in doing one’s work

3.Mellifluous: Sweet sounding

4.Fiasco: a complete failure or collapse

5.Lurid: ghastly, sensational

6.Predilection: a preference or inclination for something.

7.Embrocation: Rubbing on a lotion.

8.Talisman: A good luck charm.

9.Bravado: a swaggering show of courage

10.Elan: enthusiastic and assured vigour and liveliness

11.Paradox: a statement that contradicts itself

12.Detrimental: a bad or negative effect.

13.Ubiquitous: being present everywhere at once.

14.Riparian: By the bank of a stream.

15.Imbrication: Overlapping and forming a regular pattern.

16.Diaphanous: Filmy.

17.Languor: Listlessness, inactivity.

18.Sycophant: one who flatters for self-gain.

19.Quaint: charmingly old-fashioned.

20.Oblivious: lacking consciousness or awareness of something.

21.Inept: not suitable or capable or unqualified.

22. Extol: to praise.

23. Vociferous: loud or boisterous

24. Labyrinthine: Twisting and turning.

25. Fastidious: giving careful attention to detail.

26. Scintilla: A spark or very small thing.

27. Glib: artfully persuasive in speech.

28. Philistine: a person who is uninterested in intellectual pursuits.

29.Clairvoyant: a person who claims to have a supernatural ability to predict and understand events of future.

“One forgets words as one forgets names. One’s vocabulary needs constant fertilizing or it will die.” – Evelyn Waugh